Sand, Gravel And Decorative Aggregates

We supply sand, gravel and decorative stone which can be delivered in tipped loose loads. Sand and gravel can also be collected in loose form using our weigh bridge at Stickford. Please call us first to let us know your requirements.

Sharp Sand:

Building Sand:

20mm Ballast:

10mm Gravel:

10mm/20mm Golden Gravel:

10mm/14mm/20mm Leicester Pink Granite:

14mm/20mm Green Granite:

14mm/20mm Red Granite:


14mm Silver Granite:

20mm/40mm Plum Slate:

20mm/40mm Blue Slate:

20mm/40mmGreen Slate:

11mm Nordic Spa:

10mm/14mm/20mm Staffordshire Blend:

10mm/20mm York Cream:

10mm/20mm Dove Grey:

Pictures shown may not appear exactly the same as actual physical products. Sizes quoted are approximate, products are on display at our Stickford Office.

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